Angell Event Services has the experience, knowledge, passion and dedication to provide the very best solution to your event logistics needs. Here’s just a few of the reasons we believe we provide the best service!





We have the very best, modern fleet available in the UK. We carry out an extensive check and clean of each vehicle before each and every job, including between venues during tours and roadshows. We have an adaptive fleet and a solution for almost every situation. We also have the ability to order new vehicles for specific tours, clients, projects and contracts.



Our experienced team provide the best services to all our clients. All our drivers are trained to advanced driving skills, most also have class 1 or 2 licences. We also only employ drivers with extensive event industry experience.



We opperate strict H&S protocols, have advanced trackers fitted to our vehicles offering clients the ability to track vehicles assigned to your projects for the duration of your contracts. In addition to this we also offer standard good in transit insurance of £50,000 to all projects. We also offer a 24/7 emergency call out to all clients needing last minute event logistics support.